Can you go it alone during this slow economy?


Even though now, you may have a satisfying life with no financial worries but let's be realistic, apart from the impact of political scenes, what is with today's unpredictability of the economic movements, are we really financially secured? Obviously, the cost of living today has been increasing day by day whereby working adults are most harmed. The high energy prices lead to the declination of consumer confidence level added with the confusion of continuous negative headlines from our daily media affecting our daily lives inherently. I believe we feel the utmost dreadful experiences during this slow economy as competitions to survive have risen greatly in the market.

From another distant, do you think you are truly secured with your current company? It has been a fact that many large organizations have been cutting cost and to the extreme laying off workers to lighten their financial burden especially industries consuming large oil usages. Have you ever plan ahead of your future to reach your dreams and visions? Lessening the burden of your family? Be above than others by having an advance plan for yourself? Presently, many among us have been venturing for new extra skill such as direct selling, part-time taxi driver, hawker and masseuse. Others are willing to invest, what about you?

The first step to overcome these rising issues is to realize that they do exist and impact our daily lifestyles. You have to be willing to take action and embrace changes to do things differently. The resistant of change developing distinctiveness enables you to stand better chances than others to move one step closer towards reaching your goals and visions.  

Based on an analyst report, Intelligent Spas, "Spa Industry Profile Malaysia 2002-2007", the spa industry has been booming the market incrementally each year and incredibly rose to 200% from 2002 till 2007. Spa deals closely with massage therapy as it is proven to stress relieve, reduce muscle strains also cure illnesses.

Amazingly, opportunists would devote themselves into this business but for those who aren't they will miss out. Why not take up the challenge? Massage and spa therapists are profiting from the frustrated populations by easing the stress and tension, why not you? 

Now look, massage therapy can be a very rewarding occupation as you can help not only others who are in need for pain relief but also yourself. It has been increasing career nevertheless; internationally job opportunities are increasingly available.

Andrew Lai, a trainer at Massage Therapy Academy (MTA) said: "Alternative medicine is becoming more main stream. Twice as many doctors recommended massage last year than the year before. People are becoming interested in this as a career. It's good for people who are just starting out and for people who are looking for a career change." He is one of the Royal Thai & Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology skillful trainers in MTA and many have been taught by him to master this profiting skill.  

Massage Therapy Academy (MTA) offers all types of modern physiotherapy massage trainings for students professionally and it has engineered its massage courses to meet the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Corporate Development (MECD) requirements. Also, it is accredited by professional associations such as MSCT (Malaysian Society of Complementary Therapies) under the Ministry of Health (MOH) and approved by the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 Massage Certifications. 

Come and join Now! Learn, Earn and Promote healthy way of living! For more details, kindly contact Kelly at 019-3181088 (KL), 03-79600018 (PJ) or visit us at




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