Precious Moment in Life

By Azura

Welcome to motherhood! Holding your baby in your arm is one of the most wonderful moments in life. But make sure to retain these moment by having a healthy lifestyle. It is a big challenge for every woman is to get back their energy and stay in shape because after delivery most of them complaint that their body shape changes, scars, body aches, and also due to their weak body muscles.   

Besides, woman also fears to be one of the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) victims, which is the birth trauma that occurs after child birth. It happens when the person has the scary or traumatic experience during the child birth, the information from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In theUK studies, it show around 10,000 women each year develop PTSD and up to one-third of women have a traumatic response to childbirth. It can affect any woman although the risk for higher in women who had a history of abuse or trauma.

Moreover, the best way is to use touch and massage. It is very effective after delivery because it can help a mother to be back to their initial condition. Other than that, it also can reduce the mother stress. It shows that when a woman in stress she can releases adrenaline which counteracts the effect of oxytoxin which the hormone can produce contraction.

At Tim BodyCare Training Centre, we offers all types of modern physiotherapy massage trainings as well as post-pregnancy massage class for students and we have been encouraging proper and professional massage education for the past five years, offering International Standard (ISO 9001:2000) Massage Certification. TBC also has engineered its massage course to meet the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Corporate Development (MECD) requirements. Besides, TBC is one of the members of MSCT (Malaysian Society of Complimentary Therapist) under Ministry of Health (MOH).

With 2 campuses throughout Malaysia in cities like KLCC area and Petaling Jaya, TBC offers students across the nation the opportunity to gain experience and a massage therapy education at their school. Classes will vary by location but students will have the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education, getting a focus in anatomy, manners, massage theory, practice, and interpersonal communication. Tim Low, the founder of TBC also says you’ll get individualized attention you require, as classes at all school are not more than 20 students.

Why not mastering this post-pregnancy massage skill that can change your life? Imagine the desires that are developed enhancing both opportunity for each other even more. Threat this as an investment rather than an expense, so act now to share new found of experiences of training by calling 019-332 3038 (PJ), 03-2161 0200 (KL), for services 03-7960 0018(PJ), 03-7710 8100(TTDI) or visit us at



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