Do you know when the recovery times of your body after delivery?


By Azura


Six-week post-partum is a recovery time when your body returns to normal and to stimulate it. Your hormonal balance is reestablished and the uterus involutes. That is in returns to its pre-pregnancy size. Fatigue is a common complaint and many women experience the “postpartum blues” for a few days or for as long as a few weeks.


From Pregnancy Massage Therapy, there are some normal physical signs of the post-partum period that reflect the hormonal changes you are undergoing heavy and frequent urination, increase perspiration, contracted and firm uterus to prevent blood loss. Adequate rest, proper nutrition, plenty of fluids, supports, and massages help you to read just and heal quickly. Massages in post-partum can aid in deep breathing, relieving stress, providing you with a total body relaxation, develops your sensory awareness. It is one of the most wonderful means of treating yourself like a queen and giving you a chance to be comforted and to be taken care of.


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