Post-Partum Blues


By Azura


“Post-partum blues” are experienced by 60% of women within the first 10days of delivery. They are expressed by mood swings, tearfulness, poor concentration, anxiety, irritation, and even despondency. The blues often disappear after milk let down happen usually by the fourth day after delivery and hormonal equilibrium is restored to pre-pregnancy levels. Recovery is spontaneous and there are no relapses.


According to writer Elaine Stillerman,LMT in her book: Mother Massage, post-partum depression differs in duration and severity. It affects only 10% of women and usually doesn’t become evidence until after a new mother returns home. The symptoms are similar to the blues, but it also can include inability to cope with the infant, increase anxiety without tears, and difficulty eating or sleeping. The post-partum depression can last for several months if not treated professionally.


Many factors can contribute to these depressions feeling, often referred as the fourth trimester of pregnancy. The physiological, emotional, familial, social and psychological changes that the new mother and father experience are profound stress factors. This is another transition stage, which requires love, patience, compassion, and understanding to overcome.


Most popular way the doctor will recommend is by having a massage for post-partum. It is because the use of touch and massage is very valuable after deliver. It will help a woman to be back to their initial condition. When a woman in stress, she releases adrenaline which counteracts the effect of oxytoxin which the hormone that produce contractions. It is one of the most wonderful means of treating yourself like a queen and giving you a chance to be comforted.


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