Mother and New Baby


By Azura


The post-partum period is a time of physical and readjustment. The motherís reproductive organs return to their pre-pregnant state, usually within 6 weeks. The family incorporates and accepts a new person into the home, and the role of each parent within the family changes to meet the needs of the new baby.


Seriously, the birth itself may influence the speed and smoothness of your recovery. In addition, factors in the early post-partum period and during the months following the birth may speed or slow your physical recovery and affect the time it takes to adjust to having a new baby and to find a comfortable balance in your new lifestyle.


During that period, most of women after delivery worried about their shape and do not know in the postpartum period it has specialized massage techniques can help to rebalance the structure of a mother body by improving skin elasticity and muscle tone. In fact, massage also has a physiological effect on a new mother; it can help ease any postpartum depression and encourage her to bond with her new baby.

In all cases, a pregnant or post-pregnant woman should always ask their doctor if massage therapy is recommended before seeking a massage therapist. In most cases, massage therapists require a physician's referral. Also, be sure to ask if your massage therapist has specialized, advanced training in prenatal massage that are recorded by on Prenatal, Pregnancy Massage.

The good news is at Tim BodyCare Training Centre (TBC), our therapists are fully licensed, specifically trained, and certified in pregnancy and postpartum massage. We are committed to regularly updating our selection with continuing



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