Thinking for Return to 17 Shapes Back.

By Azura

Pregnancy care and Post Pregnancy care Massage 9 months up, 9 months down. Never mind what your mother-in-law says about how quickly she returned to her girlish figure ­as if! We know how much is involved before and after the actual birth. So...what can we do to make the post-pregnancy easier, less stressful, and healthier ...without the everywhere get a pedicure and eat a bran muffin kind of advice? By Gaelen Gibson on her article Pregnancy Massage.

People tell you that things will get easier after the baby is born I don't think so. The things that bothered a mother during pregnancy continue to rear their ugly heads after. The tummy that mother carried during pregnancy becomes babe in arms after in or out of uterus 8 lbs. is still heavy and can cause pain and discomfort in mother back, neck and shoulders. Hormones that course through woman bloodstream during pregnancy reeking wreak havoc with our digestion, circulation and emotions continue to plague us after birth. The stress of having to have a perfect pregnancy while trying to work full-time, meet countless appointments with your mid-wife or whatever and be completely ready for an experience you've never encountered can become overwhelming ­ never mind the inevitable fatigue.

Using massage therapy on a regular basis can help a mother enjoy their body during and after pregnancy, keep their blood pressure lower and emotionally nurture mother and the child within.

Have you ever thought how to do it properly and professionally? Here, at Tim BodyCare Training Centre (TBC), offer all types of modern physiotherapy massage trainings for students and we have been encouraging proper and professional massage education for the past five years, offering International Standard (ISO 9001:2000) Massage Certification. TBC also has engineered its massage course to meet the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Corporate Development (MECD) requirements. Besides, TBC is one of the members of MSCT (Malaysian Society of Complimentary Therapist) under Ministry of Health (MOH).


With 2 campuses throughout Malaysia in cities like KLCC area and Petaling Jaya, TBC offers students across the nation the opportunity to gain experience and a massage therapy education. Classes will vary by location but students will have the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education, getting a focus in anatomy, manners, massage theory, practice, and interpersonal communication. Tim Low, the founder of TBC also says you’ll get individualized attention you require, as classes at all school are maximum 20 students at each class.


Why not mastering this skills and change the life? Imagine the desires that are developed enhancing both opportunity for each other even more. Threat this as an investment rather than an expense, so act now to share new found of experiences for training by calling 019-332 3038 (PJ), 03-2161 0200 (KL), for service: 03-7960 0018 (PJ), 03-7710 8100 (TTDI) or visit us at





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