Happy Mother makes Healthy Baby

By Azura

Motherhood is one of our most fulfilling challenges. The joy of getting acquainted with your newborn sends you on the most wonderful learning curve you can travel. However our levels of stress as we are thrown into that learning curve peak in the first few months following the marathon birth of our child. In the simplest terms, while woman are on the massage table, they have no choice but to rest, thereby easing the stress, nurturing your skin and stimulating your immune system. As with your pregnant state, your post-partum stress levels will directly affect your child's.

“The less stress you have the calmer and happier your baby will be”

Gaelen Gibson writes on Pregnancy Massage, although massage is not the only answer to the changes and stresses of pregnancy year and a bit, regular massage can help to alleviate many of the symptoms, leading to a lasting sense of well being, allowing you to bond more easily with your baby and with your new life. As mothers, we are usually the primary nurturers and caregivers for our children and family, it is essential that our bodies, minds and spirits also be enriched.

At Tim BodyCare Training Centre (TBC) is a registered massage training centre, we are offering an exciting new approach to natural performance enhancement for post pregnancy massage training and service. This treatment is performed in the privacy of your home by professionally trained female therapists. Besides, we also delivered a best service to our customers. Our therapists are fully licensed, specifically trained, and certified in pregnancy and postpartum massage. We are committed to regularly updating our skill level with continuing education credentials and always staying aware of new and beneficial techniques.

This is the right time to feel the most wonderful means of treating yourself like a queen and giving yourself a chance to be comforted, so act now to share new found of experiences for training by calling 019-3323038 (PJ), 03-7960 0018 (PJ), 03-2161 0200 (KL), for service: 03-7710 8100 (TTDI) or visit us at http://post-pregnancy.com.my




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