You should need a massage after having baby

By Agnes Ng


We should always love and respect our mothers because it is not easy become a mother. You will understand it when having yourself babies. You will feel uncomfortable during the period you pregnant and when you give birth of your baby safety, it is a wonderful feeling. However, don't forget to give yourself a gift after it, an enjoyable massage.


Tim Bodycare is your best choice. Pregnancy massage provided by Tim Bodycare is focus on the women after deliver to helps them nurture the new life that is growing within her. Tim Bodycare is an international massage school, we provide professional international certificate to our training students. All of our therapists have specific knowledge to alleviate pain, understand all stages of your body and lend emotional support. Pregnancy massage can help in reducing edema, promote relaxation and facilitate preparation for labor by lossening muscles and using passive stretching movements to open up hip joints. Massage can also comfort and provide emotional support after pregnancy.

A touch of massage is valuable for women after deliver. Massage can helps women back to their initial condition before deliver. When a woman is in stress, she will releases adrenaline which counteracts the effect of oxytoxin which the hormone that produce contractions. Massage therapy is a great way to pamper women after deliver. When you having a massage, you will have a feeling like yourself is a queen, relieving stress and has a total relaxing body. Women make many adjustments in both physically and psychologically after pregnancy. Experiencing massage is a wonderful way to acknowledge a special time of change. Studies had shown pregnancy massage can be reduce stress, decrease swelling in arms and legs, and relieve aches and pain in muscles and joints.

Massage therapy is a holistic therapy meaning it utilizes the total resources of the body to heal any specific condition. Our body condition is always subject to change, no condition is permanent. Massage therapy allows people to experience homeostasis, balance, harmony and relief. You should give yourself the key to unlock any limiting views of your experience and utilize new information to make a proactive change. Do contact us at 03-7960 0018 and visit















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