Congratulations on your new baby! The days, weeks , and months after you give birth should be dedicated to caring for your new baby, caring for yourself , and easing into this new chapter of your family's life.

Welcome and thank you for choosing The Post Pregnancy Massage Centre. We provide post-pregnant women:

  • knowledgeable therapists,
  • compassionate touch,
  • a space to rest their bodies and minds.

We are also committed to the health of these

  • women,
  • families,
  • friends;

therefore we are not limited to pregnant and postpartum women. We also delivered a best service to our customer. Our therapists are fully licensed, specifically trained, and certified in pregnancy and postpartum massage. We are committed to regularly updating our repertoire with continuing education credentials and always staying aware of new and beneficial techniques.


Focuses: On the women after deliver

  • helps to nurture the new life that is growing within her
  • our therapists have specific knowledge to alleviate pain, understand all stages of your body and lend emotional support
  • to be problematic for pregnant women like weight-bearing joints, the neck and back
  • reduce edema, promote relaxation and facilitate preparation for labor by lossening muscles and using passive stretching movements to open up hip joints  

The use of touch and massage is also valuable after deliver. It will helps a woman to be back to their initial condition. When a woman in stress, she releases adrenaline which counteracts the effect of oxytoxin which the hormone that produce contractions.  


In the contemporary times, to go for post pregnancy massages. There are innumerable benefits of post pregnancy massages and this explains the reason why more and more women are looking towards massage therapy, as a great way to pamper themselves.

It is one of the most wonderful means of treating yourself like a queen and giving yourself a chance to be comforted and to be taken care of. Massages in post pregnancy

  • aid in deep breathing,
  • relieving stress, 
  • providing you with a total body relaxation.
  • develops your sensory awareness.

After deliver, most women complaint of their body aches, owing to their weak body mucles. Now, the post-pregnancy massage come to play a major role in:

  • providing relief to your body
  • minimizing pains
  • helps in keping away from the clutches of other normal pregnancy discomfort like cramps, body stiffness

Beside that, it also work towards

  • keeping your blood pressure in control
  • improving your blood circulation
  • eliminating waste products
  • strengthen your body muscles